Advantage of working from home

What are the advantages of working from home?

Working from home can have a lot of  advantages. Let me list down the 3 advantages of working from home:

Being at home and taking care of your family.

Ever since I had my second child, I was wondering if I can just quit my work and be a stay at home mom. But I know that I need to continue working to be able to sustain my family now that we have 2 kids. Until I realized that there’s an option to work from home. That gives the best of both worlds: Being with your family and earning at the same time. It was always my dream to be always present at my child’s school activities, personally take care of them especially when they are sick and not having to worry when you are away.

Use the skills that you have.

When we apply for a job in the corporate world, it’s hard to find the one that really suits us. We tend to land in a position that is not related to our degree. However, in freelancing, you can choose the type of job that you want. You can use the skills that you have. You find the job that you would be passionate about. Indeed when you enjoy your work, you are never really working. As for me, I have studied Computer Science which makes me interested in Web Design, so I’m glad that I can finally pursue my dream of being a Web Designer.

Freelancing has more to offer.

Most freelancers I know earn a lot more than the salary of an employee. In the corporate setup, although you can negotiate at the start of the recruitment process, the company will still have the final decision on your monthly salary. On the other hand, freelancers can set their own salary. They can decide how much they want to earn and when they can increase their rate. They can even have multiple clients, therefore double or triple their earnings.

So there you go. To know more about the advantages of working from home, watch the video below from my coach, Mommy Tasha who is teaching me the skills that I need to start working from home.

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