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Michelle Macaraig

Hello there, my name is Michelle!

I am a Web Designer and Tech-Savvy Virtual Professional. I am here to help you in setting up and managing your websites, handle your day to day tasks so you could focus more on the important matters.My vision is to be a successful Web Designer and Virtual Professional offering my services to business owners from different parts of the world.It is my mission to be an instrument in helping business owners like you succeed and support you in growing your business.My goal is to utilize the skills and knowledge that I have in achieving my dream and continue learning more to provide the best service to clients.

More a​​​​bout me…

Meet my wonderful family. I have a supportive husband and two adorable kids. The reason why I have chosen to be a Freelancer / Work at Home Mom is to be able to take care of them while earning a living to support and provide for them.

I have passion for Music. I serve as a Church Musician for more than a decade. It is my long time ministry to God and my way of giving praise, thanksgiving and giving back all the glory to God for the talent and skills He has given.

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