Insights about Boron Letters Chapter 1

Hello there! Let me share to you about this book I’m reading entitled “The Boron Letters” by Gary Halbert.

There’s this mentorship group that I have joined and we were given a task to write every chapter of this book on our notebook. In this way, we could be able to understand more about the book we’re reading and practice the style of copywriting from the very well known copywriter and author of this book, Gary Halbert. It took me five pages writing a single chapter and I could only imagine if the author have actually handwritten this letter, because my hands got really sore after writing. But anyway, this is a very nice challenge because in a way, I was able to fully understand the letter.

Boron Letters Chapter 1

Boron Letters Chapter 1

My Insights from this Chapter:

After having read this chapter, let me share to you some of my insights from this.

  1. On the day of Gary’s 46th birthday, he wrote a letter to his son, Bond for the very first time and he has made a commitment to write everyday and spend one hour on this. This is something that copywriters essentially do to practice the skills of copy-writing.
  2. As a father, he is writing to his son to teach him about life lessons specifically about staying healthy. Being a writer, he has proven his letter by applying it to himself thru running. At his age of 46, he was able to run the hill 5 times which is equivalent to 4 miles.
  3. He taught his son about Road work which is walking, jogging and running. And just like his commitment to write everyday, he is encouraging his son to do the road work everyday. In this way, he cites that it would make them more clearheaded and improve the quality of their thinking throughout the day.
  4. He mentioned that doing something good everyday, will lead to a positive addiction, which means being positively addicted to something that improves the quality of life. Unlike negative addiction which leads to a lower quality of life.
  5. As a copywriter, he is writing to his son to make him do an action by encouraging him about the benefits of staying actively healthy. He has even included on the latter part a request to his son to get him a book entitled “The Joy of Running” by Theodore Kostrubala.

So that’s all the insights I could share for now about The Boron Letters Chapter 1. You know, this book is good to read since it not only teaches about life lessons, it also teaches the concept of copywriting by making the reader do an action. I encourage you to read this also if you want to learn about copywriting. Click here to access the site.

Just like the author’s commitment to write everyday, I will commit to write an article regularly, although not really everyday, but whenever I can get enough time after getting home from work. I will continue to hand-write every chapter and promise to add more of my insights from the next chapters of  this book.

Thanks for taking time to read this and I hope you enjoyed. You can read more of my articles by visiting the Articles section from my website.

Have a nice day!

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